Dr. Moscoe has received numerous testimonials from his patients.
Here are just a few:

When I began to consider cosmetic surgery, it was important to me to choose a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon and choosing the right surgeon was all about trust. I have always felt that your primary concern was for me to leave your office feeling confident and knowledgeable about all aspects of my procedure. I appreciate the kindness, expertise and patience, which you always exhibit during my consultations, convalescence and post-operative care.

I also want to commend your outstanding support staff that is unfailingly helpful, courteous, and patient at all times. They encourage me to ask questions and I am always comfortable discussing my concerns.

Cosmetic surgery has not changed my life, but it has changed my appearance and had a powerful impact on my self-perception. And, the visible results in my appearance are always a reminder of the wonderful treatment I have received from you and your staff.

With warmest regards,

In the unbelievably busy world I live in, I do not often enough thank the people who have made a positive impact on my life. You deserve a very "big" thank you. As a lawyer, CEO of a major pet company, happily married woman of 18 years, and mother of two girls I am very satisfied with who I am and what I have done. However, my self-image has taken a huge leap since my surgery. Although I liked my figure before, I love it now!

I had thought on and off about the surgery for almost twenty years. I am no stranger to plastic surgeons and "maintenance" at my age. The deciding factor at this point was the confidence you and your staff inspired in me and my husband. We loved the matter of fact approach and realistic appraisal of the results. We felt everything was explained clearly and that you listened to us and appreciated our concerns. I have also been so impressed by your use of botox, my face with that treatment has never looked better and when I lived on the Easy Coast I went to the top doctors there.

So far, so good! I love my "new" breasts and so does my husband. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Barbara

Even though I knew my "bulge" was unattractive and inexcusable, I never felt "embarrassed" by anyone in your office. Your staff is extremely professional while still being "gentle" and caring. I have and will, without hesitation, recommend you, Dr. Moscoe, and your entire wonderful staff, without hesitation!
Thank you!
Kathleen W.

P.S. If financially able, I would return for more "life changes". Thank you! Maybe I'll win the lottery! (Guess I'd better buy a ticket!)

I'd like to take a moment and thank Dr. Moscoe and his amazing staff for helping to make my "cosmetic journey" a pleasurable one. Thanks a million! I applaud Dr. Moscoe for his dedication and expertise, as well as his staff for their compassionate and astute care. The results of my surgery were far more than I ever expected. It is my belief (and that of my husband and friends) that my outwardly appearance is now more natural looking and proportionate with the rest of my body.

Dr. Moscoe is enormously talented and gifted as a plastic surgeon, as well an artist. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Moscoe to my family and friends for their various present and future cosmetic needs. I believe it is because of his immeasurable talent that many of his clients are now experiencing (and some for the first time in their lives) how it is to be comfortable with one's appearance.