Personal Service & Care

Our qualified, professional staff maintains the highest level of personal service and care. We emphasize continuity in the attention given each patient, who is assisted by the same skilled personnel throughout the treatment, from initial consultation through post-operative recovery.

When a potential patient contacts our office, general information can be given by phone or mail. An office consultation is then scheduled so that specific questions regarding procedures under consideration may be answered by Dr. Moscoe. The initial consultation fee can be credited to surgical charges after the cosmetic or reconstructive procedure is performed.

At the time of surgery scheduling, the patient's complete medical history is reviewed. Seton Hospital is conveniently located next to our facility if additional tests are necessary. Once the surgery has been completed and before leaving the post-operative recovery area, both the patient and family are given proper in-home health care instructions for the quickest possible recuperation.

Our staff is committed to helping you with your special needs. Whether it is making hotel accommodations or arranging for transportation or private nursing care, you are assured confidentiality and conscientious individual attention. Dr. Moscoe's experience and specialization in cosmetic surgery means patients can take advantage of the benefits of quality surgical attention at efficient and reasonable fees.

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